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Creative Booster-DTC platform visual design

01 Project background

Creative Booster is a one-stop platform of Meetsocial Group that provides professional overseas digital services, a platform that provides comprehensive solutions from intention to realization to review and retrospection with guidance (data) and growth (data effect optimization). The core value of Creative Booster is to help domestic and foreign brands achieve effective marketing benefits through a one-stop creative platform. On this basis, the platform can help users make decisions through data feedback, and provide faster and more effective creative solutions in domestic and cross-border marketing services for small and medium-sized enterprises. Before 2022, Creative Booster was a creative platform of the business unit within the Meetsocial Group, mainly supporting the group's business and providing services for the sub-brand's business. In recent years, Creative Booster's service volume and business volume have increased with the development of the group’s overall business, so Creative Booster was established as an independent sub-brand. With this opportunity, Creative Booster began to establish its own brand core values, form a mature service process and brand concept, and provide better, faster and more effective creative services to clients. To this end, it became imperative to create a visual identity system that was in line with Creative Booster's brand business model and core brand values.

02 Challenge

In today's fast-moving marketplace, the effectiveness and recognition of brand communication is important, especially for a fast, high quality and effective creative platform service provider. As soon as Creative Booster became an independent sub-brand, the team began to sort out and refine its own points of differentiation. In the process, how to reflect the relevance of the brand to the group and showcase the brand's core values was a key issue for the team. For this reason, the Creative Booster team had an in-depth discussion with Hauns. During the communication process, we repeatedly discussed the role of Creative Booster within the group and the points of differentiation in the service. After successive discussions with the top management of the group and the sub-brand, we reached a unanimous consensus on the decision – to continue the color system of Meetsocial Group as a link to the group and to have a unique performance in brand image. After this decision, how to form the color identity of the Creative Booster brand within the framework of the group's color system and how to present the core values of Creative Booster in a unique and effective way became our main challenge.

03 Solutions

In the workshop with the group and sub-brand managers, we had an in-depth discussion about the industry in which Creative Booster operates, as well as the needs of customers. We also learned about the excellent achievements of Creative Booster in its development. In the process, it was easy to see that Creative Booster is a professional, fast and effective creative platform. Through continuous research and innovation on user services, the platform has developed a creative service system composed by modularization, which better meets the needs of small and medium enterprises for speed and flexibility in creativity, and this is the greatest value that the brand brings to users. Based on this core brand value, we also proposed the brand visual concept of "Linkage Intelligence" for Creative Booster, which focuses on expressing the value brought by the modular linkage and creativity of the brand. Based on the brand visual concept, we also designed the brand’s visual identity system accordingly, and proposed the design language of "node modularity, flexible combination, and intelligent creativity". In this design language, the brand logo of Creative Booster is based on the structure of the letter C fused with the elements of nodes and circles, representing the combination of node modules from the square connected in a line to reach the circle of creativity, reflecting the brand's core ability to quickly output creative solutions through module linkage. In the color of the brand, we customized the exclusive color system for Creative Booster - creative purple and professional blue, symbolizing the integration of brand creativity and professional technology to create a unique color mood. In the auxiliary graphics, we made full use of the graphic language characteristics of the node modules in the creative platform. Through the flexible combination of different node modules, we created an interesting and unique graphic language of the VI design. The core value of the brand is expressed in a direct and interesting way, helping the brand to establish a more effective differentiated identification. At the same time, the color combination of blue and purple is also a good continuation of the group's color system, fully demonstrating the connection between the sub-brand and the group. In the overall visual identity system, the flexible, interesting and professional visuals coupled with the brand's core values form a clear brand voice, which helps Creative Booster to better make its voice heard in the international brand market and promote the future development of creativity for the brands that want to expand overseas.

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