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Outdoor Appliance Rebranding - FLEXTAIL New Brand Identity System

01 Project Background

FLEXTAIL is a technology outdoor appliance brand founded in 2015 by a group of extreme outdoor sports enthusiasts, dedicated to creating lightweight and original outdoor appliances. Since its establishment, FLEXTAIL has launched a number of outdoor products with independent intellectual property rights. Through the continuous iteration and upgrading of products by senior research team, a number of breakthrough outdoor technology products have been born, which are sold in hundreds of countries and regions, and the sales volume has exceeded 10 million. The FLEXTAIL brand allows travelers to focus on the adventure, and it's also driving the market for outdoor appliances.

In 2022, with the increase of the popularity of outdoor camping, the demand for outdoor camping in China and even the world has expanded, which has also generated a very large market demand for outdoor appliances. FLEXTAIL has seized this market opportunity to upgrade its brand, hoping to more strongly and effectively highlight its brand positioning as a "leading technological outdoor appliance brand", seize the minds of consumers and form a competitive advantage. To this end, FLEXTAIL brand has entered into a strategic cooperation with Hauns, hoping to form an international image with a sense of science and technology by redefining the brand and renewing the brand image, so as to help FLEXTAIL to build a global market advantage with an intuitive and clear brand voice.

02 challenge

In the early stage of project cooperation, we had an insight into the global and Chinese outdoor camping market. We found that the proposition of FLEXTAIL is of leading significance in the overall outdoor industry. It is imperative to innovate outdoor camping electrical products from the perspective of existing product design in the industry and user experience. At this opportunity, the original visual image of FLEXTAIL and traditional outdoor brand is no longer applicable. Our primary challenge is to create an international brand image that clearly expresses its identity but is not completely divorced from the outdoor nature. Behind that, it is also a transformation of the traditional outdoor brand identity. How to highlight the core advantages of FLEXTAIL products in outdoor use, so that consumers have a familiar and different visual impression of outdoor products is also a common proposition between Hauns and FLEXTAIL.

03 Solution

Before launching the brand renewal and upgrading project, Hauns had an in-depth understanding of the R&D technology of FLEXTAIL products, and had interviews with many executives and design experts of FLEXTAIL, from which we learned the core guiding ideology of FLEXTAIL. In this process, we found that the existing outdoor electrical products are not portable or lightweight in the domestic and global markets, and these phenomena tend to become the burden of outdoor enthusiasts. This is also the FLEXTAIL executives as outdoor sports enthusiasts observed consumer touch points, therefore the FLEXTAIL has always been to "lightweight, portable" as the core of the product design and iterative guidance idea, according to the original intention of this concept, we discussed several rounds with the tail brands, clear FLEXTAIL express the point "iterated outdoor products of science and technology, and innovation", And jointly decided the "new endless" brand visual concept. Under the guidance of this concept, we developed a new brand design visual identity system for FLEXTAIL.

First of all, we are in the form of A word mark in combination with memory order to logo design, choose FLEXTAIL name in the "A" shape as A memory point, through the way of deconstruction, combines A divided into two parts above arrow form, create A constant upward, represents the FLEXTAIL spirit iteration limit breakthrough products research and development innovation, The overall logo angular, neat, highlight the sense of science and technology, more consistent with the imagination of outdoor electrical products. Secondly, in the brand system, we take "lightweight" as the principle. In terms of color, we use scientific blue and high-grade gray to match, highlighting the scientific texture of the brand and making the color cleaner and cleaner. In terms of graphics, we start from the brand logo and extract lines as the application of graphics. The overall graphics follow the principle of light weight, but are used in large areas. Instead, by cooperating with the structure of products or image content, we give priority to the display of brand products and combine visual language with light weight.

Overall brand vision system through the principle of "lightweight" good presents the tail brand products, the advantages of the tail brand electrical products the focus of this field in the outdoor, innovation, to create a set of science and technology by the strong sense of perspective interpretation of the visual system of outdoor products, make the tail brand in the market more extreme purely visual expression, and significant differences with traditional outdoor brand. Through this brand refresh, we hope to help Fishtail break the shackles of traditional outdoor electrical brand impression, and help FLEXTAIL to form a stronger brand influence in domestic and foreign markets.


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