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MeetsocialGroup Rebranding Identity & Strategy

01 Project Background

Headquartered in Shanghai, Meetsocial Group is an integrated service group focusing on overseas digital marketing solutions. For a long time, the brand has been providing full-link service products that can be customized and combined for enterprises to meet the needs of typical overseas scenarios of Chinese enterprises such as games, apps, e-commerce and brands, and to accompany the brand to cope with various challenges in overseas markets and achieve success. Since its establishment in 2013, Meetsocial Group has provided comprehensive digital marketing solutions including customizable solution services, SaaS services and other marketing services for 8,000 enterprises. Through the continuous accumulation of international core media and local characteristic traffic resources, combined with the continuous update of technical means and the growth of absorbing diverse talents, Meetsocial Group group formed its own strong competitive advantage.

02 Project Challenges

After years of accumulation and precipitation of brand assets, Meetsocial Group has gained a high reputation and voice in the market. As China's leading offshore digital marketing platform, they filed for an IPO in Hong Kong in early 2021. In the face of the fundamental demand of the continuous expansion of Meetsocial Group, in the same year, they carried out a comprehensive strategic upgrade in the brand, in order to achieve a better brand landing experience in the future. In the whole process of brand upgrading, how to effectively convey the brand proposition of "EMPOWER YOUR GLOBAL SUCCESS" put forward by Meetsocial Group, and transform it into a brand image in line with the concept has become the primary challenge task of refreshing brand creative agencies.

03 Solution

Based on this brand upgrade, the Brand Renewal creative agency combined with the brand proposition of "EMPOWER YOUR GLOBAL SUCCESS" has reorganized and defined a new brand concept of "EMPOWER the future" for the Meetsocial Group. Under the guidance of this new brand definition concept, we refined the three brand contact points of "connection, breakthrough and diversity". In the overall visual system of the brand, the super symbol in the shape of the arrow is formed by the intersection and connection of two different colors and lines, implying the vision of Meetsocial Group "connecting Chinese enterprises and global consumers effectively with numbers". Secondly, with the arrow as the starting point, the name of the whole group is rolled out to the right, creating a sense of situation that keeps moving forward, symbolizing the spirit of joint breakthrough between Meetsocial Group and customers. At the same time, through the collision and superposition of different colors, it represents the mentality of Meetsocial Group to explore infinite possibilities with diversified business capabilities. In the embodiment of the overall brand personality, based on the brand identity memory point developed Meetsocial Group's overall brand personality graphics system, combined with Meetsocial Group color system, to create a diversified, progressive, young, breakthrough brand image experience.

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