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Internationalized Game Services Platform-Meetgames Branding

01 Project Background

Meetgames is an expert service platform under the Meetsocial Group, focusing on the global expansion of the gaming business. The platform adopts a unique methodology and toolset based on three major competitive models: products, marketing, and operations, forming a customized assessment system for clients' global capabilities. Meetgames aims to provide digital and efficient services for more domestic gaming clients venturing overseas, facilitating not only the discovery of Chinese gaming products by global players but also empowering clients to embark on a successful journey of gaming globalization.

02 Brand Challenges 

In the initial stages of the project, Hauns Creative Strategy Agency collaborated with Meetgames to explore and define the core values of the brand. The direction was refined to emphasize Meetgames as a "dedicated growth platform for gaming globalization," making the brand's core values clearer. However, the challenge shifted to accurately translating these core values into the visual identity and helping Meetgames establish an effective and clear brand visual recognition system.

03 Brand Expression Strategy 

In the early stages of the brand shaping project, the Hauns Creative Strategy team conducted in-depth interviews and research with Meetgames' senior management and marketing personnel. Using tools for preliminary brand strategy thinking, we observed, analyzed, and sought potential visual differentiations for the brand. The team refined the core values into a visual language, and through collaborative discussions, a brand expression strategy concept emerged: "Maximize your energy." This concept aligns with Meetgames' desire to deeply engage in the industry, drive development, and amplify value and energy.

04 Brand Identity System 

Based on this concept, the Hauns Creative Strategy team developed Meetgames' brand identification system. In the logo design, we incorporated the "plus" symbol, representing "plus," into the letter T, creating a highly recognizable brand symbol symbolizing Meetgames' continuous efforts to amplify client value. In the graphic system, we combined the sword-shaped element from gaming with memory points, enhancing the brand's gaming attributes and symbolizing Meetgames' assistance in overcoming challenges in the global journey of gaming brands. For brand colors, we chose high-saturation complementary colors to create a more distinctive color mood, infusing the overall visual with dynamic energy while embodying the industry's characteristics of vitality and innovation. In the brand imagery, the visual language predominantly conveys a sense of fun, gaming, interaction, and vitality, reflecting the dynamic and creative visual experience of gaming. We applied a series of visual languages to create a powerful brand identification system for Meetgames, endowing the brand with greater uniqueness and recognizability, establishing a solid foundation for the recognition image and future communication of gaming brands venturing globally.

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