What is the design of vi system in modern hospital style?

What is the design of vi system in modern hospital style?

+Industry newsApr 28, 2023

Modern style of hospital VI system design should be modern, simple, professional as the main design concept, aiming at presenting the hospital's professional, scientific, credible and other image characteristics.

First of all, the vi system design of the hospital should have a unique, concise and easy to identify logo. The Logo of the hospital should highlight elements such as medical treatment, technology and health, and reflect the professionalism and trust of the hospital.

Secondly, the hospital brand design should be unified selection of professional, simple fonts, you can choose simple lines, modern fonts, in order to highlight the professionalism of the hospital. In terms of color, blue, white, gray and other colors commonly used in the medical field can be used to highlight the professionalism, science and technology and safety of the hospital.

The visual vi design of the hospital should also take into account the spatial planning of the hospital and the design of the identification system, such as the facade design of the hospital building, the design of the entrance door, the indicating signs of various departments within the hospital, so that the hospital has a clear and intuitive identification system both externally and internally, to provide patients with better navigation experience.

In short, the modern style of hospital vi system design should pay attention to professionalism, modern sense and sense of science and technology, and simple, clear, easy to identify as the design principle, to provide a strong guarantee for the construction of the hospital brand image.

Next, Xiao Huan will share with you a group of[original]design cases of hospital vi system.

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