What is visual brand identity? What does the whole visual brand identity include?

What is visual brand identity? What does the whole visual brand identity include?

+Industry newsApr 27, 2023

vi design refers to the enterprise visual image design, it is a part of the enterprise brand marketing strategy, vi design aims to create a comprehensive visual identity system for the enterprise, so as to be used in the brand marketing and promotion activities, the whole set of vi design is a long-term and comprehensive work, the need for professional brand design companies cooperation. VI design is an indispensable part of corporate image display, including basic system and application system.

The basic system is composed of enterprise logo design, enterprise font, enterprise color, enterprise auxiliary graphics, enterprise image and basic elements combination specification. Among them, the enterprise logo design should have the identification and extension; Corporate standard characters need to be consistent across different media and print publications; Enterprise standard color auxiliary color is an important part of brand identification, can symbolize the enterprise culture, enterprise spirit, industry attributes, etc. Enterprise auxiliary graphics can enhance enterprise identification and memory points through standardized use; Corporate images can help standardize the image style of external output and show different corporate characteristics. The basic system enables more customer groups to identify enterprises through visual elements such as logo, font, color, graphics, and images, thus enhancing visual identity.

The application system includes office supplies system, media advertising and publicity system, printing and publication system, public relations gift system, environmental guide system, conference and exhibition system, store sign system, packaging system, digital system and so on. The application system will better implement the basic system into the daily application of the enterprise, and combine the visual basic system with the strategy of the word system to convey the enterprise culture, business philosophy, enterprise elements, etc. Enterprises can use the overall consistent expression system to convey to customer groups and internal enterprises, improve the overall external image of the enterprise, so that internal employees also have a sense of corporate identity, forming a good internal and external impression of the enterprise.

Below, Xiao Huan will share with you several groups of [original] vi design cases.

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