How to shape a set of modern rural agriculture visual brand identity?

How to shape a set of modern rural agriculture visual brand identity?

+Industry newsApr 24, 2023

To create a modern rural agricultural VI design, follow these steps:

● Define brand image: First of all, we need to define the core values and image of rural agriculture brand, including brand positioning, target audience, brand characteristics and competitive advantages.
● Design logo and logo: The core of rural agriculture VI design is the logo and logo, to create a unique logo and logo, so that people can easily identify the brand. Logos and logos need to be designed in line with the brand image and values.
Develop color and font specifications: Choosing the right colors and fonts can help build brand image and awareness. The choice of colors and fonts should be consistent with the brand image and in keeping with the logo and logo.
● Design brand culture: rural agriculture brand culture should be able to be closely related to people's lives, emphasis on brand innovation and development. Brand culture can be promoted through advertising and publicity.
● Design brand applications: In addition to logos and logos, rural agriculture VI design also includes brand applications, such as business cards, envelopes, product packaging, websites and social media platforms. These apps need to maintain a consistent brand image and identity.

In general, shaping a set of modern rural agriculture VI design requires a full understanding of the brand positioning and target audience, and follow the principles of consistency and innovation in the design of logo, logo, color, font, brand culture and brand application.

The following Xiaohuan will share with you a group of [original] rural vi design cases.

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