What are the principles of visual brand identity company in Shanghai?

What are the principles of visual brand identity company in Shanghai?

+Industry newsApr 12, 2023

VI design (namely enterprise visual identity system design) is a kind of logo, logo, signs, signs, packaging, advertising and other visual forms, to show the corporate image, the transmission of information design, enterprise VI design usually includes the following aspects:

● Logo design: logo is the core of the enterprise VI system, is the most basic visual symbol of the enterprise, on behalf of the enterprise brand image and concept. Logo design needs to be consistent with corporate culture and brand positioning, and elements such as color, font and shape need to be carefully designed to achieve a clear, easy to recognize effect.

● Visual image design: in addition to logo design, visual image design is also an important part of the enterprise VI system. Visual image includes enterprise color, font, graphics, photography and other elements, need to be consistent with the brand image of the enterprise.

● Packaging design: The product of the enterprise is one of its core business, packaging design is an important aspect. Good packaging design can increase the sales of products, through the form of beautiful, functional packaging, increase the trust and goodwill of consumers.

● Brand application design: Brand application design is the process of applying VI system to different fields and media. For example, the enterprise website design, advertising design, exhibition design and so on, all need to follow the VI design principles of the enterprise, in order to maintain the consistency and stability of the brand image.

VI design companies in Shanghai usually follow the following principles to ensure the quality and effect of the design:

Consistency principle: VI design needs to maintain consistency, that is, maintain the same design style and elements in various fields and media of the enterprise, so as to form a stable and consistent brand image.

Principle of recognizability: VI design needs to have a high degree of recognizability, even in different media and occasions, people can quickly identify, in order to build brand awareness and loyalty.

Principle of simplicity: VI design needs to be concise and clear, to express the core values and characteristics of the enterprise in a simple and clear way, so that people can easily understand and remember.

Principle of flexibility: VI design needs to be flexible to make certain adjustments and changes according to specific needs and situations in different media and occasions.

Sustainability principle: VI design needs to take into account the long-term development and sustainability of the enterprise, and design elements and styles need to adapt to the strategic positioning and future development direction of the enterprise.

To sum up, the professional VI design company in Shanghai will follow the above principles in the design, to ensure the quality and effect of the design, so that the brand image of the enterprise is effectively disseminated and promoted.

Below, Xiao Huan will share with you several groups of [original] vi design cases.

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