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New energy enterprise brand building - HEENGY energy brand identity system

01 Project Background

HEENGY energy is a collection of new energy project development, investment and financing service and field operations as a whole, at the same time, research and development of large-scale distributed storage platform of new energy technology company, since the establishment of the new turbine can brand, depth excavation value of the new energy, energy storage industry is designed to provide diversified and complex new energy innovation service, Practice the deep integration of new infrastructure and new energy. Under the overall strategy, HEENGY energy based on Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, looking to the whole of China. Use clean energy services zero carbon society sustainable development, to achieve the goals of promoting carbon neutral, collaborative shaping civilization, environment friendly and permanent stability of human future.

02 Project Challenges

Under the background of national carbon neutrality, the new energy industry has ushered in huge opportunities, with the market constantly expanding and the number of emerging enterprises constantly growing. Brand competition is also increasingly fierce. As a NEWLY rising star, HEENGY energy is fully aware of the importance of brand competitiveness in the market. Therefore, HEENGY energy put forward two key issues to be solved in the brand building port: 1. Define the communication tone of the brand according to the competitiveness and core value of HEENGY energy. 2. Form the personality identification system of HEENGY energy; Under these 2 topics, how to help HEENGY energy build an effective brand communication system is our primary challenge.

03 Solution

In the process of brand building, Hauns thoroughly studied the industry market, and found that in the current market, the visual identity is still relatively traditional, which also represents a greater opportunity for visual development in the industry; At the same time, we have conducted a large number of interviews and internal and external research with the brand of HEENGY energy, and formed the visual expression concept of HEENGY energy Create The Energy Future", which conveys the concept of HEENGY energy and customers to create a green future together, and carries out visual language design based on this concept. In logo design and visual identity system, we selected the HEENGY energy initials as representative, based on the graphics of the letter "H", combined with the design ideas of the horizon, form the HEENGY energy new logo, and uses the dark blue color as a brand, express the HEENGY energy be sedate, tolerance, has the infinite space in the future, at the same time combined with green, apply to the middle of the line, It symbolizes the nascent attitude of Horizon and the determination of HEENGY energy to bring new energy solutions to the traditional energy storage industry through its own services to achieve carbon neutral green transformation. In this way, we hope that the overall visual system can convey the beautiful vision that HEENGY energy lead the industry to a green future.

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