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UPPF rebranding identity & brand strategy

01 Project Background

The UPPF brand is a prominent mid-to-high-end car wrap and paint protection film brand with over a decade of industry experience. With a presence spanning multiple countries and regions worldwide, it boasts an extensive network of over a thousand authorized dealerships. UPPF has provided professional automotive film installation services to over a hundred thousand high-end car owners. The brand is distinguished by its dedicated team of product development experts and state-of-the-art production facilities. Committed to employing cutting-edge production techniques and advanced molecular materials, UPPF caters to the consumption needs of discerning mid-to-high-end car owners. Notably, some of their innovative, independently developed high-tech coating patent products have earned widespread recognition within the international industry. These advancements have played a pivotal role in driving market transformation and development within the global car wrap and paint protection film industry.

02 challenge

Until 2022, the UPPF brand had consistently guided its brand positioning with the direction of "Redefining UPPF."  However, they overlooked a crucial aspect: PPF is a material, and its primary audience is car owners, not scholars studying PPF materials.  Many consumers lack knowledge and awareness of car wrap protection materials.  Hence, the challenge lies in addressing how consumers in different countries should define themselves in relation to car protection.  Additionally, as UPPF's brand influence grows, it aspires to capture a larger market share among global young consumers.  This expansion raises the question of a need for a powerful international brand image to match varying consumer perceptions of UPPF across different countries.  Consequently, UPPF's brand definition and image signify a transformative shift in existing brand perceptions and a fresh examination of the global car wrap industry.

Faced with these challenges, we encounter two main obstacles.  First, how to grasp insights into young consumers' behaviors from different countries and combine UPPF's inherent strengths to address car wrap consumption habits and awareness through brand messaging and positioning.  Second, how to inherit UPPF's existing brand assets and establish memorable touch-points within the international brand formation process, achieving both an international and distinctive identity. In tackling these dual challenges, Hauns engaged in a close collaborative project with the UPPF brand.

03 Strategy

and optimized it to make it more energetic. On the one hand, it responds to the continuity of brand equity, on the other hand, it also creates a more personalized color mood. The combination of energetic orange and high-end black makes the overall picture full of power and fashion quality. In terms of graphics, we take "F" as the starting point to derive different graphic forms, which adapt to the diversified communication environment and give the brand more diversified extensibility. The overall use of graphics always carries out the expression of "strength and protection".

In terms of brand language and positioning, Hauns conducted extensive market analysis and qualitative and quantitative consumer research both domestically and internationally.  By analyzing the consumption habits and needs of young consumers using cars in different countries and uncovering pain points in the car wrap and protection film industry, we made a significant discovery.  In the purchase motivations of young consumers, material isn't their primary focus.  Instead, a strong demand for a balance between protective performance and pricing of car wrap products emerged as a prominent factor.  This directly influences how young consumers judge and choose a car wrap brand.

Based on comprehensive preliminary market observations, research, and analysis, we revisited UPPF's unique product functionality and material innovation advantages.  We emphasized building recognition based on a consumer-oriented approach and reshaped UPPF's brand positioning as "THE POWER OF PROTECTION."  The term "PROTECTION" underscores the brand's robust protective features within the industry, while the addition of "POWER" infuses the brand language with tension and strength.  This aligns well with UPPF's commitment to offering young consumers an exceptional and high-quality car wrap experience, capturing the concept of enhancing their driving enjoyment.

04 Creative

In the process of reshaping the brand identity, Hauns have carried forward the expression of the brand positioning, "THE POWER OF PROTECTION," to establish a highly impactful and distinctive brand identity system that helps UPPF gain a strong presence in the international market. Therefore, Hauns translated the brand's core attributes, namely "proactive, youthful, powerful, and protective," into the design of the brand identity to create associations and perceptions for consumers.

At the brand logo, Hauns adjusted the angle to convey a sense of progress and momentum.  The letter "F" was highlighted as a focal point within the logo's design.  The dual strokes of the letter "F" symbolize UPPF's dual-layer protection products - their PPF car wraps provide one layer of protection, and their unique patented platinum coating adds another layer, forming a dual-layer protection concept.

Going beyond product functionality, the color significance was imbued into the "F" focal point.  The energetic combination of orange and sophisticated black was employed in the brand's color palette, creating a powerful and fashionable visual appeal.  The inner part of the "F" is represented in orange, both inheriting the brand's color asset and symbolizing an energetic state.  This signifies UPPF's commitment to delivering the highest quality car wrap products with a dynamic and positive attitude.

In the development of the graphic system, we used the concept of dual-layer protection as a starting point.  We created a simple and effective graphic symbol memory with a visually impactful design that is used across various brand touch points.  The consistent use of the graphic symbol conveys the expressions of "power" and "protection" and is integrated into different images, allowing consumers to feel the strength of protection.

05 Result

In this rebranding project, Hauns conducted in-depth analysis of the consumption habits and needs of young consumers in different countries, unearthed pain points in the car wrap and protective film industry, and emphasized building recognition with a consumer-centric approach. As a result, we successfully redefined UPPF's brand positioning as "THE POWER OF PROTECTION."

In the process of revitalizing the brand's visual identity, we continued to convey the essence of the brand positioning. This transformation has shifted UPPF's identity from its traditional and outdated perception to a brand identity that is imbued with meaning, exuding a sense of power and youthful vibrancy. This transition is reflected visually, making the brand's new positioning, "THE POWER OF PROTECTION," and the key brand attributes of "proactive, youthful, powerful, and protective" more distinct.

Therefore, through the rebranding of UPPF's brand positioning and visual identity system, Hauns has successfully facilitated the establishment of a tangible brand perception between UPPF and consumers. Furthermore, this approach has effectively captured the attention of the emerging young consumer demographic in various countries, thereby expanding UPPF's brand influence on the global international market.



After the brand definition and brand identity refresh upgrade, UPPF's new image in the visual sense has a clear unity, at the same time, the overall image brings out a strong personality tension, a good echo of the brand concept. In terms OF brand words and definitions, it is also directly expressed in a concise and easy to understand state. "THE POWER OF PROTECTION" directly hits THE pain points OF consumers, which better helps UPPF define and convey its own brand internationalization, and helps expand THE influence OF THE international market in THE future.

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