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Building the strong New energy corporation branding -Pytes technology energy

01 Project Background

Pytes Energy Co., Ltd. is a company focused on e-bike, electric motorcycle, vacuum cleaner, 3C, energy storage and other markets, determined to provide global customers with advanced green energy solutions. Headquartered in Shanghai, the company has set up three production sites in Shanghai and Shandong, China; and Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam; and two marketing and service centers in Europe and North America. The company has strong research and development strength, with TUV, SGS, BV and other certified advanced laboratories. In 2021, with the development and expansion of the new energy market and the popularization of intelligent iot technology, we will jointly promote the brand upgrade by dispatching wisdom and refreshing knowledge, and put forward a new definition of "create beautiful and intelligent energy, power a better life" to welcome the new era of green and intelligent energy. To this end, PairWISE brand hopes to develop and enhance its brand image, so that it can gain competitiveness in the rapidly developing global intelligent energy field. As a professional brand agency, Hauns branding design & strategy agency focuses on new energy brand design, hydrogen energy VI design, green energy brand identity design, energy brand positioning and other business segments.

02 Project Challenges

Behind the upgrading of brand strategy, the rapid expansion and strengthening of Pytes brand in market layout and product research and development. In this process, Pytes brand has gradually exposed the problem of insufficient brand image communication and weakening of external voice, which is far from enough for the development ambition of the brand, and is also affecting the pace of its strategic upgrade. To this end, the company faces two primary challenges: 1 How to excavate the core of brand spirit and refine the core value of the brand into a clear self-definition. 2、 How to understand the market visual trend to form a unique and effective brand visual communication system; In the face of these two challenges, how we can help them to become more vocal and competitive in the market is our primary mission.

03 Solution

In the process of brand building, through in-depth interviews with people at all levels and internal and external research of the brand, we dug out the value concept of "Create, share responsibility, share" that the brand has always been adhering to. After several rounds of market analysis and research, we deeply realized that in the market, The Pytes brand value adheres to play a clear guiding role in business and products, and the shaping of this value has formed a certain difference in the industry. To this end, we will "Create, share responsibility, share" value concept integrated into the brand communication, combined with the attributes and tone of intelligent energy, to form a visual language of intelligence. In the visual representation, we present it in the form of character symbol combined with memory point. The overall logo is guided by the tonality of wisdom, science and technology and humanity, showing a stable, vivid and scientific visual feeling, and processing the memory point on the letter "E". The letter "E" stands for electric, emotion, energy and empower. It combines the dynamic idea of the constant running cycle of the energy ball with the orange color that symbolizes positivity and energy, which visually responds well to the layout planning and expectation of Pytes brand in the future. It represents the brand vision of Pytes brand starting from lithium power in the future and laying out the future new energy life application.

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