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VSUN-Photovoltaic rebranding design

01 Project Background

VSUN, invested by the parent company FUJI SOLAR, was established in 2015 and is headquartered in Bei Giang Province, Vietnam. VSUN is a PV product manufacturer and PV system solution provider, specializing in the R&D, production, sales, service and end-use of solar PV modules. With local branches and offices in San Jose (USA), Frankfurt (Germany), Shanghai (China), Bei Giang and Benin (Vietnam), VSUN's global operations cover the needs of global customers. As a high-tech company, VSUN is committed to contributing to sustainable development by focusing on the renewable energy industry with greener, cleaner and smarter solutions.

02 Challenge

As VSUN's brand influence in the global PV market continues to grow, VSUN needed a brand visual identity system that could fit its global layout and integrate with key values and cultures to help it communicate in different countries with a more professional, international and unified brand visual identity to help the brand succeed, thus increasing the company's brand competitiveness and influence. Therefore, creating an international brand with more intuitive and clearer expressions became a joint challenge for VSUN and the Hauns team.

03 Solutions

At the beginning of the project, the Hauns team held several rounds of discussions with the VSUN team to clearly define the tagline for the external expression of the brand, and together proposed the basic visual concept of "Empowering with Light, Creating the Future Together". This visual concept reflects the VSUN brand spirit of customizing solutions and co-creating success with customers in the business. Guided by this concept, we optimized the original wordmark design by correcting the angle of the original wordmark slant to enhance the sense of stability and confidence. In terms of the brand colour selection, we redefined "VSUN Red" by updating the red hue to make it more saturated and brighter, while using a red gradient to create a sense of visual dynamism. In terms of brand graphics, we have created a core brand graphics system that is unique to VSUN by developing the most stable and simple graphic "triangle". Starting from the structure of the letter V in the VSUN logo, we took the intersection of the V structure as the origin and used the design technique of inversion to form a double triangle, which represents the expression of VSUN and the customer's joint achievement in creating the future together. Based on the graphic logic of the double triangle, we created the graphic design based on different themes, forming a rich graphic language and creating a unique and distinctive visual identity. The new brand visual identity system is more harmonious as a whole. On the one hand, it shows the stability and solidity of VSUN; on the other hand, it is also based on the relationship of the triangle connection, forming a systematic graphic language, forming a unique visual identity system, conveying the value of co-creation, injecting the brand with more modern, technological and fashionable vitality, and giving the brand the concept of "stable cooperation to co-create the future".

Hauns is a branding design agency specializing in visual identity design for the photovoltaic module, new energy and solar industry. Hauns is committed to providing high quality, personalised and targeted PV module brand image design services to help clients create a new energy corporate image with unique solar VI design and business value. After defining the brand tagline and upgrading the brand visual identity system, VSUN's overall brand image has a clear unity and gives simple, generous, bright visual perception, so that the brand conveys the positive concept of "harmony, stability, co-creation, win-win" and VSUN's determination to "take every step forward" in the PV industry. The new brand image will help VSUN to better present its brand, expand its brand influence in the context of internationalisation, and enable its brand and business to grow together!

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