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Drug discovery branding Identity - BIOSSIST

01 Project Background

BIOASSIST is committed to the promotion of DNA-encoded compound library (DEL) technology to clinical research, and to the application of scientific research results into compound screening laboratories to build a professional, standard DEL screening platform to provide a complete solution. BIOASSIST provides comprehensive technical support for the development of a standard DELs compound screening platform. Through the early brand diagnosis and discussion, Baiost biomedical technology due to the initial establishment of the brand, it is urgent to establish its own brand identity image, clear its brand positioning in the industry. Our services include: pharmaceutical brand image design, medical company VI design, pharmaceutical logo design, medical VI design, medical technology logo design, biomedical packaging box design, etc.

02 Solution

The brand was invited by BIOASSIST biomedical science and technology for the design of pharmaceutical logo design and packaging design extension, VI design system design of biotechnology enterprises. Hauns brand agency through preliminary exploration and research methods such as visual analysis, put forward the concept of visual direction: mystery intersection of life, and through the strategy combing grabbing the brand character transformed into visual language expression to overall brand vision system, help manager Mr, bio-pharmaceutical shape conforms to the nature and characteristics of brand visual image of the industry.

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